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Update: December 19, 2013 - "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." - John 16:33
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"A Man of Truth draws out the Wicked!"

Update - February 17, 2014

Yes, it has been a long time since we last communicated here at This void in providing you with Updates was necessary for reasons that will become apparent to you in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, your e-mails, letters, phone calls etc. have been greatly and genuinely received. To each of you, please accept my heartfelt appreciation.

Allow me to share with you comments from Henry. I do not know Henry's last name or if Henry is the persons real or fictitious name, but that makes no difference.

In Henry's own words, "Haddad, you are a fool! Wasting your time, your resources, and precious years of your life "shadow-boxing" with those who not only are corrupt, but evil; and will hide behind the veil of a corrupted government, makes you the Fool! You should have succumbed like the rest of us, paid a fine or admitted to that which you (we) did not do and move on with your life. I admit it isn't easy living with the fact that in my case I allowed myself to be compromised - admitting to something I did not do just so that I could provide for my family. That is a burden I must bare! My heart tells me "I wish I had your courage and fortitude on the one hand", while my brain tells me I made the right decision for me, my family, and my future! I often wonder, "Who is the Fool?" "You or Me?" Hopefully someday I will know for sure!"

I have asked myself the same questions as referenced in Henry's own words and had the same concerns for my name, my reputation, and the well-being of my family. Ten (10) plus years dating back to November 19, 2003 has taken its toll not only on my personal and financial resources, but contributed significantly to the end of a 40+ year marriage. How often I thought "throwing in the towel" and walking away was my only recourse. Each time I turned to the Good Lord and asked for wisdom and guidance going forward. Each time I was stopped by the words, "Jesus stands for Truth & Justice!"

It has taken me some time (not being the sharpest tool in the tool-box) to realize that "God is in control of my life!" Those whose false perception of authority and power; those who choose to think they are the all-powerful yet unaccountable; those who for a single moment think that they can unjustly run around and harass innocent and unsuspecting individuals in the name of government need to understand that - Truth and Understanding of who is truly in control draws out the Wicked!" I have learned as I hope many of you have as each day our earthly journey draws us closer to eternal justice that things do not often happen according to our desired timetable as we would so like to see, but according to His Timetable.

A little over a year ago, I received a request from a retired journalist / educator whose family originally had a funeral home. From some source he learned of the existence of, and contacted me requesting a copy of the original audio of the Massachusetts Funeral Board Meeting of December 9, 2003. I did not hesitate to provide him with an audio copy of the Meeting. A few months later he requested transcripts of the Administrative Hearing conducted by Anne E. Colleton, Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure - the content of which numbered in the thousands of pages. I recently received a response from him, the exact detailed response I had intended to share with you in this Update.

I have decided to hold off until the next Update (I promise it to be sooner rather than later) to present his response; at which time you will experience in great detail an independent sources assessment of acts and actions of individuals whose motives and subsequent decisions are condemning of Institutional Corruption and - in his words - "worthy of prosecution and incarceration!"

I'll leave you with a passage I received recently from an elderly woman, whose family I have served at their hour of need several times in the past. I consider her to be a "prayer warrior", and I have often prayed with her - each time at her request.

"In spite of the fact we complain and lament, and view this old world with much discontent; Deploring conditions and grumbling because, there is so much injustice & so many flaws; It's a wonderful world & people like you, who make it that way by the things that you do; For a warm ready smile or a kind, thoughtful deed, or a hand out-stretched in an hour of need; Can change our whole outlook & make the world bright, where a minute before just nothing seemed right; It's a wonderful world & it always will be, if we keep our eyes open & focused to see; The wonderful things man is capable of, when he opens his heart to God and His Love."

Thank you, Ethel! God Bless You now and always.

P.S. I believe the beautiful passage above came from the works of Helen Steiner Rice.