Justice At What Price.com

March 2005

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This web site, “Justice At What Price”, will present detailed accounts of accusations, allegations, and known blatant lies which have been perpetrated by licensed funeral directors in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in a position to enhance their own businesses by making biased and untruthful assertions against one of their own.

The State Board of Funeral Service for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has unfortunately been drawn into the controversy and made assumptions based solely on biased and prejudicial comments and accusations by one of its own as well as licensed funeral directors in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The information presented on this web site will be factual in nature only, and NO attempt will be made to draw any conclusions or make or suggest any assumptions. No information presented on this web site will be obtained through discovery, as I am aggressively litigating the issues referenced herewith.

Creation of this web site is strictly to present information only and is not intended to hurt, defame, or embarrass anyone. Every effort has and will continue to be made to present the facts in whatever forum is necessary for justice to prevail.

It is my belief that “Character Assassins” rank amongst the most vicious and evil people on this earth; and their blatant lies can and do irreparable harm to society in general, and innocent individuals in particular.

WWW.JUSTICEATWHATPRICE.COM will provide you with every detail in a process one can only categorize as a “witch hunt” – an unfortunate set of actions that have been taken without benefit of the facts and have now taken on a “life of their own”.

More soon!
Philip G. Haddad, Jr.